Being An Educator Is No JOKE!

I used to be that parent who set it off at the school in the most dignified of ways of course. Any time a teacher made a mistake or didn't reply to an email fast enough, I was on them like "white on rice".  I even bragged that my kids' school hated to see the Barnetts coming. Looking back now, I realize that I was mad abrasive and downright out of order "sometimes".

Now that I have been in this educator space for about 8 years, I reflect on my years being that TURNT UP parent. You know why? Because I am dealing with those very same parents now.

Being an educator in 2017 is no joke!

You are walking on eggshells all day, everyday,  being ever so careful of every word, even though the students are dropping F-Bombs all day long and no one seems to care. From threatening parent emails to the downright disrespectful students, it is a draining and 100% thankless job. Most teachers I know come in at least one hour early and stay at school until around 6-7pm. We work as we try to eat through our lunch or tutor students during that much needed break. Some even take work home to grade over the weekend. (I did that once and will never do that again, EVER!)

There are days I go home and I want to drink a bottle of wine and watch NatGeo documentaries on Netflix and never return. There are those days I want to let a kid have it after they threaten to "tell their mom on me" - yes, that has happened. I've had parents send me emails in all CAPS and !!!!!, only to be dead wrong.  There is no end to this circus.

I have no clue how we turn this thing around where teachers are the respected leaders of our community again. Until then, I ask you to do your part to let your kids' teachers know you appreciate them. A kind email or a $10 gift card goes a long way.



Tanya Barnett14 Comments