12 Movies To Fall in Love With

I sat home watching a marathon of chick flicks the other Saturday because of the flu. I chose to watch my favorites that helped me when my marriage to Don was at it’s darkest moments. Other movies, I chose because they had great messages about love and forgiveness.

I can share these with you now, because we finally like and love each other after 18 years of marriage. It took these following movies to help me dig deep and love him. Some we watched together and they opened up dialogue. Others, I watched alone and cried like a baby because it was me on the screen.

These movies will make you laugh and others will make you cry.  Some will make you do both. I know when I was watching them, I cried a lot but then I found a lesson in all of them. They all will help reaffirm your love for your significant other.

Dating Movies

The Queen taught me to just GO FOR IT in life! LL Cool J taught me to let the one you love know it. 

I saw some much of myself in Jenifer Lopez’s character. I saw just how guarded I was. Once I decided to be honest with my husband about my fears, he was able to come in and help me navigate through some of them.

This movie helped me to see love, relationships and responsibilities from a man’s point of view.

Marriage Movies

This movie had me so messed up. Every time I watch it, I am forced to take a personal assessment of myself. 

This movie is like looking at me and Don on the big screen. We went through every emotion featured. We had some of the same conversations in the trailer. 

his was the 1st movie I watched about relationships as a single woman. I rewatch it every now and again. 

This movie came out right around the time we tried marriage counseling like the 100th time. I learned more from this movie than from counseling. 

This movie was another one of them where we were like, “who gave the director’s the screenplay to our married life”? I was so like the wife in this movie. 

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