Free To Say “NO” Pt. 2

This part 2 just happened one day in real time. I love how God shows himself mighty in situations. This is my year of implementation and for standing up for myself.


I shared the other day how I wrote an email to my principal that this current substitute assignment was stressing me out. Well, that is not how the story ends. Saying “NO” taught me these things:

  1. Be Clear – I told them exactly why I was having an issue with this assignment. I said how it’s chaotic, the kids are out of control and how there was no support whatsoever.
  2. Be Persistent – When they didn’t initially respond, sister-girl sent another email and cc’d some folks on it. It wasn’t until I cc’d other folks, that things started to shift.
  3. Be Flexible – They offered me so many accommodations to stay, that I decided to stay until they find someone. Your girl, is getting her own classroom, a teacher’s aid, my own laptop and someone else will be creating all the Lesson Plans for my classes. I will be co-teaching so I will never have to go it alone.
  4. Be Strong – I had to be strong to send the email. I had no fear of telling it like it was with respect. I had to state the facts and offer solutions to make life better for everyone. the previous teachers, did none of that.

Trust me, when folks see you stand up for yourself, they stop punking you. I also realized, that other teachers watched how this played out. The teacher before me quit because she was stressed out, however, she didn’t express her concerns.

Teachers have taken notice and there is buzz in the air. People are shocked that I dared to challenge the administration. I realize just how easy it is to be dissuaded from standing up for yourself.

So, I implore you to stand up for yourself. Speak your mind. Be clear. Let your “no’ be your “no”. things will work out in your favor.

Tanya BarnettComment