Black Women Don the Cape and Save the Day

When I consider the fact that black women have always showed ourselves mighty to love, I am humbled.

We come from a long lineage of women who gave for their children, men, and community.

slave woman.jpg

From carrying seeds in their hair as they crossed the Atlantic Ocean, to the nursing of their white slave owners’ babies, we have given our all, to include our bodies as the sacrificial lamb for the greater good.

White women, you have once again shown us that you only care about WHITE over anything else, to include morals. Your ancestors turned a blind eye to the rape and torture of our foremothers, to only them mere out undeserving punishment on these enslaved women.

Please spare me with, “but I voted for Hillary, Bernie or Doug.” Of course you did, secretly.

Did you check your friends as they spewed hate and venom against anything that was not WHITE, Anglo Saxon, and Evangelical?? Did you sever ties with those who despise people of color? Did you stand up for the banning of immigrants, transgender, Muslims, and others who your men deem as unworthy?

I pray that you collectively begin to see the error of your ways and ask for forgiveness for attempting to sell everyone else out to save your a$$es once again.

So go quietly into the night with your pussy-hats on.

 Angela Peoples holding sign (Kevin Banatte)

Angela Peoples holding sign (Kevin Banatte)

Tanya Barnett19 Comments