Leveling the playing field for the 21st Century Woman
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My Story: I am a service-connected disabled US Air Force Veteran and I live with PTSD. The year before I turned 40 years-old, I was diagnosed with Alopecia (hair loss) and Diabetes in the same month. I was devastated and depressed. To cope, I ate more food and wallowed in a month-long pity party.

Finally, one day, I realized part of my issue was that I was putting up with everyone else’s junk that I allowed them to dump on me.

Through therapy and facing the ugly truth about myself, I started to take back my power. I decided things had to change. I created healthy boundaries and jumped 100% into entrepreneurship.

Because of this, I help professional women and veteran women thrive at home and at work, by empowering them to own their truths and to take action to improve their lives.

If this sounds like something you need, book me for your event, training or conference!



I am a lifestyle empowerment speaker. My talks are for your event if your audience:

  • desires more time with people they love but have no idea how to where to find it.

  • wants to make time for themselves without feeling guilty.

  • is working to overcome PTSD and/or MST without guilt and shame.

  • yearns for mental wellness and healthy boundaries at work and at home.

If I described your audience, it’s time to book me NOW!

My Services

Community/Corporate/Government -

I train your community group, your coworkers, employees, management team and owners how to create healthy environments so everyone can thrive.

It’s time everyone felt like they are a part of the team and that they add value. I offer tangible tools to create a climate of growth and community.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel with Tanya all over the US. She delivers high-quality content every single time! I’ve watched countless women go to Tanya with tears in their eyes to simply say, “Thank you” because she helped them SNATCH their power back.

Her genuine care for each woman that she encounters, makes her a rare gem to be cherished and in high demand nationally and internationally.
— Tiffany Redden, LadyRedd Photography
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Tanya Barnett

Co-Founder of The Vet Space™

Disabled Air Force Veteran and Advocate

Veterans Affairs Commissioner

TEDx & Lifestyle Empowerment Speaker

Award Winning Indie Author